How To Make Money Teaching Online

Want to know how to make MORE money as an online English teacher?

Well you’re in luck. We have multiple 3k a month earning teachers and in this post we will break down how it’s done.

First, is it actually possible to make 3k a month as an online English teacher? Yes, but it does depend on the company your working with as well as your entrepreneurial ability.

Most online English teachers make $1,600 – 2,200 a month from online teaching. How do you break the $3,000 a month mark? Here’s how a few teachers do it.

How Online English Teachers Make Money

On our salary guide, we state that teachers make between $800 to $3000! That is a wide discrepancy and one that requires more explanation.

First, online teachers are paid an hourly wage for the most part. There are exceptions but your average platform will be set at an hourly rate where you’re teaching children in an after school function. The $800 mark comes about because most teacher at a minimum do about 7-9 hours a week which would result in $800.

Now, the upper end comes about through a mix of hard work and creativity which is what we’re going to get into in this content.

Let’s get started.

Ruby From VIPKID make $3,000 – $4,000 a Month

Ruby Steph La Cruz is an online English teacher based in Spain. Ruby actually got started online teaching while she was studying for her masters degree in Spain. But instead of following the traditional career path, she decided to go all in to teaching online.

Ruby is able to make $3,000 a month with ease for a few reasons:

First is she lives in Spain instead of the United States or Canada. This is a critical advantage for an online English teacher because Ruby is able to teach during the day instead of early morning as teachers do in the U.S. and Canada. As such, she can teach 6 hours a day Monday to Friday and 8 hours on Saturday. Students start being available at 4 pm Bejing Time. It’s outside of peak time of course, but if you’re a highly rated teacher you can get booked.

Second, when I was asked her directly for any advice on how other teachers could replicate her success, she said that she does 60% short notice classes for VIPKID. What a short notice class is exactly, is that if you open a class and it gets booked within 24 hours, VIPKID will give you a $2 bonus for the class. This ends up being a $4 an hour bonus which adds up quickly.

Another fun fact about short notice classes is that they are usually trial classes. If you teach a short notice class and the student signs up, VIPKID will give you a $5 bonus for that student signing up. It’s not unusual to have a short notice class booked, then canceled and then rebooked for the same time slot.

So a short notice class can end up being $13 for the class + $4 for the previous short notice class canceled + $5 for the student signing up. $22 for a 25 minute period. Do this twice and you just made $44 for one hour.

Last, she got a raise. VIPKID pays up to $9 per hour base pay excluding bonus. The only way you can get a raise is to maintain a high rating and to teach a minimum of 25 hours per week for a whole contract. So it’s difficult to get a raise, but not impossible if you’re teaching 6-8 hours Monday to Friday.

Teacher Jack

Ruby is an example of working harder and smarter. But there are other teachers who work to build assets that can be sold. Teacher Jack got his start as an ESL teacher. He then transitioned to running his own language school for about 2 years before transitioning to being a full time YouTuber who sells a language course to non native speakers.

His YouTube channel is very popular with non-native speakers and he is one of many online English teachers who use YouTube, a website, an email list and a product in order to make more money online as a teacher.

There are numerous big YouTube channels that all follow the same business format. If you’re looking to get away from just relying on online teaching companies as a way to make an income, look into doing something a bit more creative.

You could do something like VIPKID or any online teaching company of your choice and then build out a YouTube for non native speakers which you can then sell your time for 1 on 1 classes.

Nancy Taylor

Nancy Taylor is a popular YouTuber who creates  tutorials and how-to content for online English teachers as well as prospective online English teachers.

Her primary income source is VIPKID. But in order for her to scale her income up, she does not ONLY teach with VIPKID. Her strategy has been to be an active member of the VIPKID community.  Constantly taking on new roles and be apart of new initiatives VIPKID roles out.

For example, she is an official ambassador for VIPKID and gets paid money by VIPKID for creating videos and reaching specific milestones with those videos.

She also makes money from referrals and ad revenue for her YouTube channel. As such, shes been able to effectively diversify her income with VIPKID and YouTube.

VIPKID and numerous other platforms have special opportunities for you to get involved with as a way to increase your income. Be aware of these opportunities and be pro-active in applying for them.

Conclusion – Make Money Online Teaching

So these are some out of the box ways to make more money as an online English teacher. Putting in more hours is the obvious way, but you can also be a bit more entrepreneurial and ambitious. Create courses, live in a place that has a better time zone, take on new responsibilities with your job, get a raise and leverage your time better in various ways like Ruby does with her short notice classes.

As an independent contractor, you’re in charge of your income. It’s a difficult transition at first but as you start to have small success you’ll be able to see how you can have much more flexibility teaching English online than you would at a job. Y