SayABC Apply – Salary, Hours, Requirements and How to Apply

SayABC Online Teaching Introduction

SayABC is our #1 alternative to VIPKID. If you’re not North American or you’re simply looking for an alternative to VIPKID, check out SayABC. Both SayABC and VIPKID are owned and operated by the same parent company. That means you can expect on time payments and a well developed culture around their teachers.

SayABC also pays a better rate than VIPKID due to their classroom environment being multi-student instead of simply 1 on 1.

SayABC has a pay rate of up to $28 per 40 minute class. With $15 being the base pay plus various bonuses for attendance, number of students taught and amount of classes finished.

Your class with SayABC will be with 4 students who you will teach regularly over the course of a 3 month period of time. You must have a bachelors degree (or about to graduate) and be a native English speaker.

SayABC Job Description

Let’s cover what you can expect when working with SayABC:

  • Your pay will be in the rage of $15 up to $28 per 40 minute class you teach.
  • You can teach up to 24 classes a week with no minimum availability.
  • You will teach a class with four students at a time.
  • Contracts are for 3 months at a time.
  • If you want to teach and travel, SayABC is not ideal. They require you be based in select countries due to the need for quality and reliable internet speeds.
  • You must be a native English speaker. Any accent is fine so long as your a native speaker of English.
  • You must have a bachelors degree or be close to graduating.
  • Do you need a TEFL? No but of course it’s preferred.
  • You must enter the classroom 5 minutes before the class starts.

Do you teach the same students?

Yes actually. SayABC does the placement of students and teachers. As such you can expect to teach the same students week to week.

What if I need to take time off?

Simply inform SayABC two weeks in advance of any time off requirements. Because you teach the same students and SayABC books you (instead of the parents booking you), you must inform them before hand or it will be considered a now show.

What is the pay like?

You can be paid up to $28 per 40 minute class or as low as $15 per 40 minute class. It depends on you meeting the bonus requirements and your seniority. On average, your standard SayABC teacher can expect to be paid $25 per 40 minute class.

I can live in only select countries?

Yes. Because you’re teaching four students at a time it’s essential you have a quality, reliable internet connection. SayABC is not ideal if you’re looking to teach and travel.

The list of acceptable countries that you can live in are:

  • China
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • The middle east

We personally feel they should add Vietnam to this list as Vietnam has excellent internet, but it’s understandable why Thailand (for example) is not included on this list.

How Do Get Booked?

With SayABC you will be assigned a class that meets twice a week. You can be assigned multiple classes (up to 24 class a week depending on your availability). What classes you get will be based on your availability and how far in advanced you submit your availability as well as your overall performance. Are you a reliable teacher? Do you have issues with being a no-show or leaving class early? All these various performance aspects are taken into consideration regarding what classes you get and how many.

SayABC Teacher Requirements

The requirement to teach English online with SayABC are as follows:

  • You must be a native English speaker with a bachelors degree (or on your way to graduating soon).
  • It is preferred you have some sort of teaching experience, a TEFL certificate or some background working with kids.
  • You must have a modern desktop or laptop with 8 GB or ram. Go here to view the best laptops for online teachers.
  • You must use headphones (with microphone) when teaching class.
  • You must be based in one of the approved countries due to the internet speed requirements.

SayABC Teacher Compensation

The compensation is broken down into successfully teaching 9 classes in a row. Again, you’re assigned a “homeroom” that meets twice a week for 9 classes for a given subject. Simply teach each and every class and receive good feedback and you’ll qualify for a bonus.

  • Your base pay will be $15 per class with a $6 bonus per class ( you get after completing 9 classes).
  • For trial class the pay is $15 + $8 bonus per student who signs up.
  • You can expect raises upon a solid performance contract to contract.
  • Payments are paid out monthly on the 15th of every month.

SayABC Hiring Process

*For a dedicated guide on the hiring process check out our SayABC Review and Application Guide For Beginners.

The hiring process has a few steps in the pipeline. If first begins with visiting SayABC and creating a teacher profile. If you meet the basic requirements to be a teacher, you’ll be given an invitation to interview.

If you pass the interview which includes your standard question and answer as well as a short demo using the platform you’ll progress to the self study section of SayABC where you will be require to attend a mentoring session and then a mock class.

What to Expect For The Mock Class

The mock class is a 40 minute demo class you will do with actual students. Before the class you will be given access to the self study area of SayABC where you can learn more about the company and prepare for your mock class. You will also have a mentoring session to with a current SayABC teacher to help you be successful.

If you complete all this you’re then given a contract and then you’re able to start teaching.

Teach English with SayABC

SayABC is a highly rated company that teachers love. While it’s not ideal for those who want to travel abroad and teach, SayABC is the perfect part time gig for anyone looking to make $1,000+ extra a month teaching English online. As with any online English teaching company, the hiring process can be a bit stressful. But it’s totally worth it once you’re in and established.

Are you ready to get started? Click here to begin the application process.