Online Teaching Companies: The BEST Sites to Find Work Today

So you’re looking for the best online teaching companies?

Updated July 2019

Welcome to the Teach and Go online teaching companies directory page. You’ve found one of the most comprehensive directories on the web. This directory has been broken up into country specific platform and only includes companies that are currently hiring. This online teaching company directory is perfect if you’re looking to get started teaching English online. If you find it helpful make sure to bookmark or share this page.

Top Recommendations

As you will see, there are a lot of online teaching companies, so which ones are the best? The following are the biggest, most popular companies that are hiring online English teachers.

Please note that these companies require you to be a native English Speaker with a bachelors degree and related experience working with kids. You don’t necessarily need to have been a teacher before, but working with children in some capacity is appreciated.


VIPKID is currently the industry leader in the online teaching space and is the company I currently work with. With students from northern China and roughly 30,000 online teachers based in America, Canada and abroad – if you’re looking for a good paying online position you need look no further than VIPKID. Please note the hours start early morning (roughly 5 am depending on your time zone in America) and end at 10 am. You can check out and apply to VIPKID here.

// QKids

Qkids is big platform that has over 100,000 Chinese learners aged between 5 and 12 years old. The company and not the parents book you. Class is about 33 minutes long in all with a scheduled 10 minute break in between back to back classes. Which makes it impossible to teach 2 classes in 1 hour. However, the company books you and you’ll have reliable hours. Checkout Qkids.

// Magic Ears

Another competitor to VIPKID and ABCDada. Their selling point is that they are less strict than VIPKID and are more flexible with cancelled classes. Currently it’s industry standard to deduct classes that are cancelled in under 24 hours. Magic Ears promises never to deduct your salary if you’re sick. You can learn more here.

// Say ABC

Another strong competitor in the online teaching space, Say ABC is owned by the same company as VIPKID. Say ABC has some of the highest pay rates in the online industry. With a starting base pay of $15 an hour plus bonus. It’s not unreasonable to make $20 an hour or more for 45 minutes of teaching. Checkout Say ABC here. and learn more about them here.

Online Teaching Companies Directory

The following is a list of online teaching companies. Most companies are focused on ESL but quite a few are focused on tutoring, test prep and reading and writing skills for children. If you’re looking to get started teaching online go with the recommended platforms first.

The list below is constantly curated for companies:

1) That have a website in English.

2) Allows you as a native English speaker to apply and begin the hiring process.

3) Pay a decent hourly rate – No company paying anything less than $10 per 30 minute lesson is included on this list.

Websites in a foreign language, tutoring centers that want you to teach online in their office, or small time operations that are not actually hiring are excluded.


Magic Ears  A Beijing based company. They teach children aged 5-12. Teaching material is provided for you as a teacher. Booking rate depends on your skill and interpersonal skills. Hours are after school Beijing time and weekends.

Landi A platform where you can teach Chinese children. The want native speakers and pay between $12 and $25 USD per hour.

Swoosh English is based in Hong Kong. Swoosh helps medical professionals pass tests in English.

ALO7  tutors English to kids and prefers native English speaking tutors. Pay ranges between $15 to $22 an hour. ALO7’s student base comes from large educational institutions in China. Alo7 is a start up by PhD graduate from MIT Media Lab.

English Town – They are a Hong Kong based company who hire mostly South Africans and Europeans who speak English as a second language. They offer a low hourly rate and prefer bilingual teachers.

WonderKids is a new company with about 40 teachers so far. They are looking for teachers with at least 1 year of teaching experience (it looks like non-native speakers are welcome to apply). All of the students are Chinese and between the ages of 5 and 15. They pay $15 USD per hour for individual classes and $20 for group classes.

FirstFuture is currently only accepting applications from native English speakers. I believe they teach both adults and children. No degree or TEFL certificate is required. They pay $12 USD per hour with bonuses.

Dada was the main competitor to VIPKID. Where VIPKID strictly wants North Americans only, if you’re a native English speaker from outside America or Canada take a look at ABCDaDa. They offer a similar teaching experience and pay rates. The biggest difference is you’ll need to give your availability far in advanced where with VIPKID you can set your schedule week to week.

GoGo Kids is a company based out of Beijing China. The match teachers with Chinese students for after hour classes. Teaching times are after school for students, 6 pm to 9 pm Beijing time.

North American

Ginseng English – A competitive, well paying position. They pay well (though the exact payment is unknown) and hire only the most qualified of teachers. That means ESL certificates, master degrees, experience teaching and so forth.

Open English – They primarily target a South American student base. They currently offer an uncompetitive pay of $10 an hour. You’ll also need to be an American to even pass the application process.

Rype App – They market themselves as “personal trainers” for language learning. It’s unclear how much teachers can make, but they are known to have a rigorous hiring process as a way to have only the best teachers.

Global Mate New York – Want to teach South Korean professionals? Check out GMNY! Only Americans need apply.

Golden Voice English – Based out of Canada and paying a competitive $20 Canadian dollars an hour, Golden Voice English student base is made up of Chinese students age 5-12.

Voxy – New York based operation hiring teachers with 3+ years of experience.

LOI English – Using the domain name “Skype English Classes” they have rebranded themselves ad LOI English. They are currently hiring teachers. Minimum 25 hour a month time commitment is required.

Way Up – They pay 10-13 USD an hour and are looking to hire entry level candidates. Ideally, they want college students or recent grads who are looking to make an extra side income.


IQBar – A British company looking for teachers with experience teaching children. 1 year is typically all that is needed to apply and get started.

Tutor Supply – If you’re a qualified teacher, Tutor Supply is for you. Only qualified teachers need apply.

ESL Starter – Teachers of American or Canadian nationality. I know, it’s odd as this is a British company. A TEFL certificate and experience teaching is also helpful.

Two Sigmas – High paying online teaching company. As such, they want native English speakers with experience teaching.

Barons English – Teach English online to Koreans, Chinese or Japanese.


Are You Best Teacher – One of the oddest offerings on this list. Low paying company where you’re paid to reply to messages, edit conversations and submit voice recordings.

Native Camp – A leading Japanese English company looking for native English speakers to teach Japanese students.

EigoBiz – They are looking for teachers with a TEFL and a year of experience. They teach conversation and you can set your own rates within a pre-determined range.

English Everywhere – Teach an English course to Japanese students.

OKPanda – An instant messaging platform for teach English.

Weblio – An online teaching platform for Japanese students that primarily hires Filipinos.

South Korea

Tutoring Lab – Conversation with Korean students. Students choose what the conversation is about.

English Hunt – Teach everyday conversation using a softphone installed on your laptop.


The following are from various countries around the world. Phillipines, Middle East, Russia.

Vivaling – Based out of Singapore, they offer classes in various languages and are looking for native to near native speakers for each respective language (English, German, Spanish, French, and Mandarin).

Douroosi – Marketed as the “Middle East’s fastest growing tutoring platform.” They are a platform that connects language learners and teachers.

OTeacher – A play off of the popular ODesk website, OTeacher is a language platform based in Iran looking native English speaking teachers.

Latin Hire – Based in Chile, they’re looking for American teachers to teach English.

Turks Learn English – Teach professionals living in Turkey! One caveat, they want teachers who have experience teaching Turks already.

Online Teaching Apps

Most online teaching platforms require you to use your laptop but there are quite a few teaching apps where you use your phone and conduct a lesson. Typically with the following teaching apps you’ll be engaging in a predetermined conversation over the phone. These are apps are great alternatives as well as compliments to other teaching platforms.

Cambly – Cambly was designed to be an on demand platform for English language learners to engage in conversations with native English speakers on their schedule.

Boxfish – Boxfish is a another solid choice for those looking to diversify their income with another teaching app. With Boxfish you teach English on your phone or tablet device.

Palfish – The most developed of all the teaching apps, Palfish provides language learners an interactive experience for a wide variety of subjects from phonics to conversation.

Skooli – An online app that teaches a variety of different subjects. The only language they teach is English. Perfect if you’re a native English speaker.

Snaplingo – A unique platform that has two business models. The first one is that they operate as a language exchange between US students and Chinese students and the second is to provide English lessons from Native English speakers.

NiceTalk – An app that matches English language learners with native English speakers.

Ziktalk – An app where you can have conversations with Koreans to improve their conversation skills.