Weblio Online Teaching Review, Jobs and Tips

Weblio hires Filipinos teachers to teach Japanese. If that’s you, then consider applying for a position using the button at the bottom of this page if you meet the requirements.

Weblio Requirements

To apply you must have at least a college degree. It can be in any field but it’s an obvious advantage if your degree is in education or communications. It’s also desired that you will have at least 1 year of teaching experience.

Your online teaching job will be to teach English and provide an evaluation of the students performance in class. You’re not paid a salary, rather your paid per class so your monthly income is dependent on how many lesson you teach and complete. Each lesson is for 25 minutes long.

Prospective applicants who reside in the Philippines use their BDO/BPI savings account in order to process their TIN. Any applicant who is located outside the Fillipines is required to submit a tax identification number and a BDO/BPI savings account number to continue with the application.

Weblio Pay

As they hire Filipinos expect a hourly pay of $5-6 an hour equivalent. A degree is required and all accents can apply.

How To Get Started and Apply

1. Application

2. Online Teaching Readiness Test

  • Once you submit your application you’ll be required to complete a readiness test for online teaching. The test is broken up into two sections:  Grammar and using the online platform. You need to score a 90% or better to pass and can take the test multiple times until you pass.

3. Online Interview

  • Once you complete the readiness test you’ll receive and email confirmation regarding an online interview that will be scheduled 1-2 days ahead. You’ll interview with the recruitment team and they will determine if they can proceed with your application. You will be given specific guidelines in the email. Read these guidelines carefully.

4. Platform training

  • This section will be focused on company training, platform training and learning more about Weblio.com.

5. Demo Lesson and Follow-up Questions

  • Standard procedure with online teaching companies. You will have two paid demo lessons with an instructor who will act like a young learner. You need to complete these two demo lessons before moving on to an actual online class with a student.

6. Start teaching and making money!

  • Finished! You can now open up your schedule and begin teaching.