Teach English Abroad in these 7 Great Countries

Curious about teaching English abroad?

Teaching English abroad will change your life. It will not only enable you to develop the skills to allow you to be an effective online teacher, it will also give you the financial stability to live abroad and work online.

This page outlines everything you need to know to go abroad and teach English in a foreign country as an ESL teacher. Salaries, visas, locations and more. We also only cover the most popular countries to become an ESL teacher. While it’s possible to find work in places like Spain or the Czech Republic in all honestly the majority of jobs for new ESL teachers is located in Asia.

If you’ve been wondering how to get started teaching abroad you’re in the right place. In general, you’ll need a university degree in any discipline and be a citizen of a country where English is considered the native language.

Ready to get started? Here are the top countries you can teach English abroad in:


The Kingdom of Thailand is still one of the most popular option to teach English abroad. Relaxed work hours, low cost of living and a beautiful modern country. Thailand is great option for new teachers with NO ESL experience. What Thailand lacks in terms of upfront pay and benefits, it more than returns in fun and an amazing cultural experience.

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A surprisingly nice country to live and work in. Better pay than Thailand and just as cheap if not cheaper. An often over looked country for prospective ESL teachers, Vietnam is much more enjoyable than you would think. In addition, the two major hubs for teaching abroad in Vietnam are in both the two major cities, Ho Chi Minh in the south and Hanoi in the north.

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One of the few countries that still offers good pay and good benefits (like paid housing and a return flight). Expect to work long hours unless you land a position at a public school. The upside however of South Korea is that you’ll actually be able to save money fairly easily.

What is South Korea like? It’s is a beautiful, modern country. No different than any major city in America and in a lot of ways, much better. Great food, lot’s to see and do. You’ll love Korea.

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China is an emerging market and the country is similar to the US in that it is diverse and immense and you teaching experience will vary depending on where you are and what tier of city you find yourself in.

Some teachers love living and working in China, others hated it. Because the country is so large and diverse you have the opportunity to work in a big modern city or the country side. You should think before hand what region you would like to work in. A tier 1 or 2 city or would you be fine with a lesser known city?

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The most famous spot to teach English abroad. Japan’s hay day as the go-to destination for ESL teaching is now over, but you can still easily find a position if you meet the requirements.

Japan is well Japan. Modern, efficient, incredibly interesting. You’ll go to Japan and will continuously be mesermized  by it’s unique culture and deep traditions.

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Teach English Abroad – Top Countries + How To Get Started