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TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language and it’s extremely helpful at making you a more effective foreign language teacher. I (David, founder of personally did  my TEFL in Chaing Mai in 2011. We covered topics like lesson planning, teacher talk, and how people learn a new language.

You can get your TEFL certificate online with ease or you can do a program abroad like I did with TEFL Academy.

Getting a TEFL certificate will fundamentally make you a better teacher. It will also help you qualify for better online teaching jobs as well as help you start with a higher base pay as this is becoming an ever more important ESL requirement.

In a TEFL course you will specifically you’ll learn how to teach English online and the best practices you should incorporate into your classroom. You’ll also learn how to teach business English, English grammar as well as how to make a class effective for young learners as well as adult learners.

You will become a much better teacher with a stronger understanding of the challenges language learners face. A TEFL course will make you a more confident, comfortable and effective teacher.

This in turn will help be a better teacher that students love and adore.

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Teach and GO has partnered with International TEFL Academy, the worlds leading TEFL course provider based out of Chicago. They offer numerous TEFL course opportunities online or abroad.

So if you’re wanting to complete a TEFL online or you’re wanting to go on an adventure abroad, International TEFL Academy is the smart choice.

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